My Own Personal Socio-Economic Impact

What does the MS Society of Canada do with all the money we raise for them?

To answer this question, I obtained a copy of the Society’s most recent financial statement, audited by Price, Waterhouse, Coopers, LLP.

Here is the bottom line: for the year ended August 31, 2009, the Canadian MSS took in revenue of $33,677,000. Of that amount, $28,503,000 came from donations (including $1,197,000 from the United Way) and fundraising events.

The amount spent on research? Twenty-two cents out of every dollar collected, for a total of $7,324,000.

As for how the rest was allocated:

• $10,495,000 was spent on services to patients
• $889,000 to help fund MS clinics
• $2,806,000 for chapter and volunteer support and development
• $4,086,000 for public awareness and education
• $1,570,000 to cover “government and community relations”.

(The above numbers were obtained here)

The MS Society does good work – don’t get me wrong – but as a person suffering from the disease that they are advocating for, I’m left with nothing but an endless string of questions, the first of which is this: has anyone done a cost benefit analysis on the real numbers here?

At the thus-far peak of my ascension through the ranks of corporate whoredom, I paid $10,093.00 in taxes, cumulatively both provincially (in Alberta) as well as federally. That’s just 1 year. Let’s look at my lifetime, without ever rceiving a single wage-increase from this point. I was 23 at the time. Project retirement for age 65:

$10,093.00 x my 42 remaining years as a tax-paying member of society = $423,906.00.

Instead of fast-tracking a prospective treatment for me (CCSVI), I am drawing instead $12,074.52 from the federal government annually, while contributing nothing. Add those numbers together – the government is missing the $10k I would be paying in taxes as well as handing over $12k in social benefits. I live in government subsidized housing, for which I receive $2,400 of assistance annually. We are now at $24,474.00 that I am costing able-bodied, Canadian taxpayers annually. And that number over the next 42 years increass to $1,027,908.00 I am just 1 person.

Let’s see it again:

– My life, as-is, will cost the Canadian government $1,027,908.00
– Were I able to work, I would contribute $423,906.00

If the CCSVI treatment can give me a year of being able to return to work, well, the impact to this great nation goes from -$24k to +$10k. The treatment has a purported cost of $4,500 USD. Within  months of returning to work, I have paid off the cost of my treatment to the Canadian taxpayers.

Over a lifetime, that number inflates to an overall impact of +$1.5 million.

Now, multiply it by the 55-75 THOUSAND people suffering from this disease in Canada. That number, if you’re wondering (assuming 75,000 Canadians have MS), is $112,500,000,000. Or a fucking-lot. Do the math, folks…

CCSVI is not a cure. But Canadian citizens are spending tens-of-thousands of dollars to have this done overseas when we could have been 6-months into a randomized clinical trial. Makes you think…



4 thoughts on “My Own Personal Socio-Economic Impact

  1. Tonni DuMoulin says:

    A private clinic called False Creek Surgical Centre in Vancouver is charging $2300 to perform the scan. However, they are not offering to perform the actual surgery.
    Where are these surgeons in Canada?
    Are there no heros? No pioneers?

    I agree – stop moving in an ever-widening circle financially – hone in on an area that makes a difference NOW!

  2. shannon says:

    it certainly does A.D.

    If only everyone would think as you do. It would be a better place- with alot less people sick.

    Keep up the good work A.D.


  3. Stephanie says:

    It is not to often that someone wants to admit the impact they have on the greater society. What an enlightened view and read.

    It is really too bad that an easy win cant be made when there is so much evidence that supports it. The chance is worth taking. I hope that the Canadian Government will pull their heads out of their proverbial posteriors and see the impact of such a non action.

  4. You linked my site to the term “corporate whoredom”! Be still my heart!

    Just dropped in here from yr Twitter site and am reading all yr posts…..good stuff. You have a sharp and scientific mind. I will be back, with more comments.



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