The Trouble With Tremors

I have been put on a waiting list for CCSVI treatment in Poland. 2011 is much sooner than I would’ve initially anticipated. I figure, at worst, maybe I can turn it in a vacation?

I suppose the race is on to see if the CDN Health-care community can get their protocol(s) in place so that this treatment option can be pursued domestically. But, in all honesty, I’m holding out little hope. Put a price on life – $10,000 is peanuts. Even if it only affords me 3 months of amelioration in my condition.

After having consumed an inordinate amount of Mary-Jane over the past week, the ‘Trouble-with-Tremors’ chapter in the book of my life seems to have, at least for now, lessened. Buttering that bagel was a little less difficult this morning. Still not to the point where I feel secure enough to drink a cup of coffee ‘sans-straw’, but, hey, I’ve seen how much worse it can be, so, all things being relative, today seems to be off to a tolerable start…



One thought on “The Trouble With Tremors

  1. MJ says:

    Great news about the treatment. I hope it ends up working for you when you are able to get it. Too bad our government won’t pay for it yet.

    Have you tried extracting the mary-jane into butter and cooking with it? You tend to feel it in your body more and you absorb more of the cannabinoids. The effects can last around 4-6 hours so if you take a small dose every hour or two, you can lessen the side effects and stabilize the level in your body. It’s easier to titrate too after a couple doses.

    If you want I can give you the recipe to make the butter. It’s pretty easy and the smell isn’t that bad.

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