Costa HowMuch?

Some of you may have seen vague, introspective status update hinting that I have been seeking treatment à la Zamboni for CCSVI (which I am still not even sure that I have). I do apologize for the melodrama of some of more emotive one-liners, but, well, bite me–it’s pretty dramatic!. To confirm any outstanding suspicion–yes, I am in fact heading to Costa Rica to see if venous angioplasty can provide me with some measure of relief, though precisely what impact it may have remains to be seen. Some go, have the operation done, and see miraculous results. Others have noticed small changes (greater tolerance to hot and humid conditions, relief from muscle spasms, better sensation in hands/feet, etc.). You need to understand that the smallest change in the condition of pwMS is monumental, whether good or bad. When bad, it is equivalent to dying another ‘small-death’; that is essentially what MS is – a series of ‘small-deaths’ that strip you of your ability to walk/see/piss normally/type/drive/learn/speak/swallow/breathe (albeit the last is in extreme cases), and we’re barely scratching the surface here. So far, I have experienced a dozen (or so) separate deaths. In 2007, I lost my ability to ambulate normally. Also, in 2007, my eyesight dropped to the weakest it can be for me to legally operate a motor vehicle. Also in 2007, my driver’s license was revoked. In 2008, I began taking the most toxic drug I’ve yet to ingest (Mitoxantrone – a chemotherapy drug used to treat leukemia). Also in 2008, I became 24-7-365 wheelchair-bound. But when good–it’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to you – believe me! I will spare you further details of the misery that is my life–but despite toute la misère, I am still a happy guy!

But now, in a rare occurrence, I am asking everyone I know to help me get to San José, Costa Rica, to have the “Liberation Procedure” that you may have heard of. At a cost of $12,900 USD through a Canadian Medical Tourism Company. I ask my friends once a year to donate to the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society with great success – our team raised upwards of $12,000 last year alone, with my own personal fund-raising contributing  $2,200 to that. This year, however, I’m shifting the focus to me, myself, and I.

I am unable to hand out tax receipts, and these donations will have to be made to me personally – but I can assure you, I’m not asking y’all to bankroll my down payment for a condo, or a new car. I am instead asking you to bankroll a shot at life. A life that I know will be used for good – how could I possibly live it any other way when, for all intents-and-purposes, it was good that created it.

The formal fund-raising has yet to begin, though some donations have already been made. We will be hosting a variety of events – a spaghetti dinner in Mont-Tremblant, a ‘mini-gala’ at Casa Grecque in Pierrefonds, a silent auction at Casey’s (also in Mont-Tremblant), as well as some “Comedy for a Cause” nights (at least 1, maybe 2) at Bourbon Street West. I still don’t have dates/ticket prices, but I am putting together a Facebook group to keep people abreast of what’s going on/where/how much.

I fully anticipate that I will be an emotional wreck through much of this. While I might talk a good game, I detest being the center of attention – the fact that my development occurred in a Matriarchal household kinda rises to the surface and my ability to keep the ‘plug’ on the ‘faucet of emotion’ that resides within (thanks, ladies – you know who you are…) comes loose and goes all ‘BP-in-the-Gulf-of-Mexico’. And once loose – euh, we all saw the quagmire of monolithic proportions that turned into,,,

I will be posting more info in the coming days – if you don’t have a Facebook/Twitter account, subscribe to my blog and I shall endeavour to keep it as up to date as possible.

Until the next post…



2 thoughts on “Costa HowMuch?

  1. Tonni DuMoulin says:

    Well for heaven’s sake don’t apologize!
    And keep me posted – give me timeframes!
    I support your decision!

    Get me on the group thing on facebook – or whatever!!!!

    Make it happen buddy – you deserve it!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Tax Receipt be damned! We will contribute. Please invite me, though, as the events will be in Quebec, I will only be able to attend in spirit.

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