That’s all it took to bring me back to consciousness by Dr. Diaz late last night. In what was a very strange sensation, but I’m now assuming was my incision site having been cleaned (my femoral vein – little guy in my inner-thigh), I awoke to a feeling of wetness between my legs (we did the entire op with an external catheter – the nurses were all astounded by this device, having never seen one before – I was just happy that what is certainly the smallest orifice on my body, at least for now, remains an ‘exit-only’), making me nervous that my cath had busted/malfunctioned, but, thankfully, everything was ok. My biggest problem at that point was that I was freezing-ass-cold; operating rooms are generally kept at colder temps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Long story short, surgery went off without a hitch – I anxiously await my next Doppler to see if the blockage has remained open. Up to now, I have not noticed any major improvements, but I’ve yet to start the ‘ass-kicking physio’ they do down here.

I’ll write more once I’m back at the hotel and have my headset and voice-recognition software – but I just wanted to put a quick one-hander together for everyone.

Pura Vida as the kind folk say down here…



4 thoughts on “Post-op

  1. Courtney says:

    Thinking of you!

  2. Amanda says:

    Glad it went well Andrew. Good luck with the physio

  3. Amit Patil says:

    Happy thouths my friend ..!

  4. The Privee Family says:

    Hi Andrew, We are all relieved that this first and huge step is completed. You are in our thoughts you brave boy! Continue with courage, we are all with you in spirit!

    Lynn xox

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