I ain’t got much

Energy is all I feel of late. This powerful drive I have been experiencing lately will ultimately end up with my goal becoming reality. That’s right folks; I am once again Calgary-bound. This is something which is still attainable. I will simply have to substitute a Quebec bigot with an Albertan Redneck. There will not be any lack of misery there. I am aware that going to Calgary is going to be hard. It requires intense planning and effort.

Newsflash: everything i do requires a degree of planning and effort, from getting up in the morning to my final transfer of the day. I’m living in an unenviable situation, to say the least. I know that I am capable of doing this now. The current move I’m facing was the spark for my grand plan to shift my reality west. It is now in full force, if for no other reason, because there i was a success. So salut la visite mes amis! I have every intention of taking as many readers along as possible

The impending move (though I must take a moment to give credit to the borough of Forrest Hill/Westmount–It turned into a convenient spot for me and may one day see my return) I was facing, even though it would be local, would, in the end, require more work. If I plan a move, irrespective of distance, I would not want to live like a college freshman (again). Going to Calgary is the added cost of a plane ticket, a 36-month long monthly payment for furniture and electronics. Bonus: everything will be delivered to my new apartment. In NW Calgary, near Foothills, close to U of C. This is something that is mine and mine alone (who likes Calgary??) These are but hen scratches–I do in fact have full plans. As well as contacts  at the Calgary MS Clinic. I also know a pharmacist, know a physio and an OT, have arranged the Nursing Care I require so that it is easily migrated, have a dentist, know people tha can help me move a TV…and the list goes on.

Calgary is just where stuff happened to me. My original intention was BC, but in the City that oil & gas built, in a province that was run by a man who drank oil and ate gold, I found a home. I hate hippies anyway. Alberta is full of hard working people who, are just as likely to be displaced from elsewhere. I like Alberta. I used to WIN in Calgary… I ain’t got much, as it were…



11 thoughts on “I ain’t got much

  1. Maria Gabriel, Ms. says:

    So my dear Andrew it seems like your mind is set to go out west again. Do you have everything sorted out especially a support network should your circumstances escalate?

    You will leave many heartbroken with your absence, just wondering why you did not decide to test the waters first with a visit to check out the facilities in Calgary vs a full blown move?

    Well who am I to say, you are 30 years old and you don’t need my approval to do what you think is best for you, just want to be sure you are making the right choice given your situation.

    Love A. Maria xo

    We still need to meet for our Indian Dinner…. Hopefully we can do this before I head out to Cold Lake with Scott.

  2. Auntie Margie says:

    Tough decision. Are you sure you wouldn’t want to visit Calgary again before moving?

  3. Ruth-Ann Neil says:

    The hippie would be happy with to be in BC but Calgary will work fine for you 🙂 Cheers!

  4. jaysonmerryfield says:

    Wow, that’s huge news! Absolutely let us know if there’s anything we can do to help out! A 3 hour drive isn’t too far!

  5. Shirl says:

    Wow, exciting news. Go for it. As Terri says, you inspire me with each posting. Don’t forget us out here in wherever we are and report as often as possible. Just great 🙂

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