Back and to the Left

I suppose there is no better time than now for this post–documentaries pertaining to JFK have been extremely popular of late. Though I missed the Kennedy years, I think about him as often as I park my wheelchair. The truth is I only really know what made Kennedy famous to me, and sadly that is his untimely death. The plethora of 1-hour specials about JFK most certainly touched on his assassination and all the theories surrounding it. Though I am in no way a conspiracy theorist, the gruesome image of his head being jerked back and to the left is reminiscent of precisely how I must position myself in my wheelchair. For a multitude of reasons, the vast majority of which escape Mr f right arm and hand tremors. Though I have little dexterity on my left side, though any person studying something like kinesthesiology can nod their head in understanding–it has more power than my right side. It also has more endurance than my right side. This is clear to me as I’m currently rolling on a slow leak in my left inner tube-i loose 20 psi (roughly) and so i must apply a proportionately amount of force. I flunked high school physics, so you have every right to put money on me not getting that correct (I do believe that was another math course I failed–statistics and probability).I dunno…an additional 20 foot-pounds of torque? But if the pressure loss is measured in lbs. per square inch, what quantitates for that measure?
I’m off track–I apologize, Mr. President…
My impulsivity often le
ads me to speed into whatever space serving as a table, park up and to the right, and only once I am unable to set my “scissor brake” wheel locks do I groan, think of JFK, and move back and to the left.



2 thoughts on “Back and to the Left

  1. Sususy says:

    Pretty good stats Andrew! Love Ruth-Ann and Dan

  2. Auntie says:

    I will never see the assassination the same way again.

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