Other Side of The Coin

Sometimes, the grass is greener on the other side.  The Remitting portion of the name of my illness far outweighs the relapsing half.

Grab an elastic band. If it’s not already stretched,  lossen ‘er up. Settle in and indulge me,  if you will.  Let me fill you in on a little secret:

The way #myms now seems is just part of me as an individual.  Grab a ream of paper. Now write A, C, G randomly. Repeat 3.5 billion times.  Though not even at all accurate, this is what makes us. I passed high school mathematics with a 60%, and therefore never took statistics.  But somehow, the 3.5 billion characters making up my genome spell MS. And so, it is indeed part of who I am. There’s no mystery,  no magic. Remission means I now can re-expirence all that (some would say cool) stuff I’ve been through over the last 7ish years. The cavalcade of. ..people I have met have been a steady,  helping hand. 

Still have that elastic? Without letting it fly across the room, hook it on your thumb and stretch it out. Notice the harder you pull it, the greater the recoil. I’d say my elastic got pretty stretched over the past 7 years.  The cool part about #myms is in this period of remission,  I have noticed that my recovery is proceeding proportionately.  I just woke up this January and my bladder resumed normal function.  My eyesight has cleared. The cognitive dissonance I have been in since April 2008 just sory of went away. There is no trick, and it wasn’t brought on by a big Pharma treatment.  It is every person who has wished me well. I have a theory involving resonance and nerves, but so as not to complicate matters, i will hold onto that for the book.

So a heartfelt thank you to everyone.  I started this blog by writing about my socks. 7 years later, the socks are an issue no longer. Coming soon will be me standing to pee.



3 thoughts on “Other Side of The Coin

  1. Ruth-Ann Neil says:

    Always great to hear from you Andrew 🙂 Best from Ruth-Ann and Dan

  2. Auntie Margie says:

    Very uplifting to read this Andrew. You continue to inspire and wow me.

  3. Lisa Darrell says:

    Soooo happy to read this wonderful news, Andrew. You are amazing! Keep up the great work and all good wishes for many, many more uplifting moments to come ….you rock! 🙂

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