My sweater

A song from my youth…

This was a message from my buddy, Derek,  in response to the question, is that “a rage hoodie? Shouldn’t that be tattered to shreds?”

My response:

“Absolutely not, my friend.  That sweater has been the centrepiece of my wardrobe since 1999. It saw the turn of the century. I have a strong memory of the bartender asking me where Che was from.  I mistakenly replied “Cuba.” I never liked being wrong (it’s Argentina,  I then discovered). So a lot of stuff came from a seemingly benign bit of trivia Brett figured he’d throw my way. And so, what do you think I did? I read. I figure if im gonna wear his face so people would pay less attention to mine, i better damn well know everything there is about the dude. So I did. It has been there before my dx. It was with me during my dx. It went through interferon.  It was with me for Tysabri.  It was there for the chemo. I brought it to Costa Rica and my brain surgery.  It kills Malissa that I’m still rolling around in it. ”

I’m going to frame it. But you can be certain of that..


2 thoughts on “My sweater

  1. Auntie Margie says:

    I don’t remember this song but then again it is not my style of music. Still have the Che sweater do you, Andrew?

  2. wakingseconds says:

    Darn straight!

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