A proposition @jonstewart

I have a proposition for you,  Mr. Stewart.  As a Canadian who CHOSES to get his news from a mix of late night television and Google, well I would just bowl over with laughter at simultaneous guests in Justin Bieber and Rob Ford. We have an antiquated practice in Canada,  known as CanCon ( http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_content). This is somewhat unnecessary and accomplishes little other than filling the airwaves with subpar music. There are some arguably good rhings about, policies such as this,  but to me, its just another useless piece of red tape that is funded by everyone living in “Soviet Canuckustan”, as Mr. Pat Buchanan once put it.

I’m not any different than most others who watch your show, with the exception that I never graduated (or even attended University (just a Canadian doing my best to remain unassuming). But, somewhat remarkably,  I got a job for a big American company.  And I worked,  sir, I worked (my tits off). I was livin’ the dream from 2003 (when I was hired) to 2007, when I was diagnosed with relapsing/remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS).

And so it goes…but boy, would the crack smoking mayor and Justin Bierber ever crack me up as paired guests on The Daily Show!

All things even out, Mr. Stewart. Like most Canadians,  I enjoy self-deprecating remarks, mostly because there is often unspoken ascent among Canadians about the hilarity that srems to follow us…

I trust that this message finds you well.

Just another fan
From Soviet Canuckistan,



One thought on “A proposition @jonstewart

  1. Sususy says:

     Love this Andrew!!

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