Those who know me…

Play a tune:


I spent a solid 6 years trying desperately to put my gloves on. MS is a tricky illness.  It was as if I was eternally attempting to figure out how my fingers needed to be positioned to get my gloves on. Now I get excited whenever Malissa tosses them on my lap…

I kept my sanity by making it into a game. I find this to be true of everything.  I figure it’s as good a means as any to deal. My next big puzzle will be learning how to get my long-ass legs to once again-before Malissa and I flee Quebec for Alberta.

So, how you like me now?


One thought on “Those who know me…

  1. Maria Gabriel, Ms. says:

    By far my best video, it truly is AMAZING…. Hugs, A. Maria xoxo

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