About Me

My name is Andrew. In 2007, I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. It has become apparent in this modern world we live in that anybody can have a blog (hear that fellow bloggers? We all get to feel self-important!), so after much cajoling and repeated suggestion from just about everyone I know, I’m finally going to put something together and share my diatribes with the world. You asked for it. I was bored. I did it. Perhaps I will even continue adding to it. I make no promises.

Anyone who doesn’t know me should know this – I love to write (I honestly think it’s because I repeat everything I write back to myself in my head and I just absolutely adore the sound of my own voice). So welcome to my self-fellating little corner of the Internet – I hope you enjoy your stay and I welcome feedback of all kinds. Though I have a hard time believing it, I’ve been told that “not everyone agrees” with me.

What is written above is what was originally posted in the “About Me” section of my blog. I began to notice that it was being visited rather often, and figured it was high time to update it.

My name is still Andrew. I still retain the sarcastic sense of humor you’ll find in my words above. The diagnosis of MS from 2007 still stands, though I feel at this point that my disease has advanced from a relapsing-remitting to a more progressive stage (SPMS, or Secondary Progressive MS). I remember the day very clearly when the neurologist I saw at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary told me it “looks like MS” upon reviewing my first MRI. 15 months later, I became confined to my wheelchair full time. Now, in 2011, bordering on 2012, I can no longer even stand unsupported. For some reason, however, I refuse to allow my disease to take charge of my life. It’s done a number on me, of that I can assure you – its physical ramifications cut just as deep as the psychological. But I would never dream of allowing it to win.

This blog was started at the request of many around me. It has grown and developed into an inspirational blog for a lot of my fellow MS sufferers, as well as many who are unfettered by disease; it seems to serve as a reminder of just how simple life is for some, and how inexorably complicated it can be for others. Perspectives, points of view, and how all things are relative is what I only hope people take away from all this writing.

The Catalyst for its beginnings turned out to be from just one very special person. JT. You know who you are.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Maria says:

    As always you remain the most inspirational persion I know, love you, A.Maria

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